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Biography of Arwen Evenstar

Arwen was born in 241 of the Third Age of Middle Earth, the child of the elves Elrond and Celebrian, granddaughter to Galadriel, Lady of the Golden Wood, queen of Lothorien. Physically, it was said she had the likness of Luthien, another elf ancestor who ironically loved a mortal. She resided in Rivendell, and Lothorien for about 3000 years. She met Aragorn, a mortal man, fell in love with him, and were married on midyears day, 3019 of the Third Age, after the War of the Ring. During this time she aided (in the movie at least) Frodo after the hobbit was gravely wounded by the Ring Wraths.

The marriage entitled Arwen to become queen of Gondor, at Aragorn's side. They reigned until FO 120, where Aragorn passed away. Arwen then traveled to Lothorien, and passed away there.

Biography of Liv Tyler

Arwen Evenstar as portrayed in Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings could not have been possible without the talents of one Liv Tyler. Well, I will admit before Lord Of The Rings, Fellowship Of The Ring, I have never really heard of Liv Tyler. (GASP, you say!) Yeah well, it seems I've never watched any of her movies, Armageddon (although this one should I should have with me being a Trekker and sci-fi person and all, Stealing Beauty, Empire Records, Cookie's Fortune, That Thing You Do (should have seen this one too as I like Tom Hanks) and Inventing the Abbots to name a few off the top of my head. However I am watching these movies to see the extent of Liv Tyler's acting abilities. Certainly had no concerns with her acting job as Arwen..obviously.

Unlike most actors, you could say Tyler was born with some kind of success almost assured. Her mother, Babe Buell was a playboy model (I don't really read Playboy, so I don't know her) and her father was Steve Tyler (I don't listen to very much Aerosmith...does that deserve a bigger gasp?), who's a big gun in the band Aerosmith. Apparently she was raised by Todd Rundgren (alright, I've been in a cave, don't know this person either) and was also lead to believe that he was her father.

Family traits, though seemed to prevail and Liv saw that she resembled Steve Tyler's known daughter Mia. Liv questioned her mother on it, and was told the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thus she became known as Liv Tyler. And that my friends, is that.

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