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Created: 3/19/02

Hello, thank you for stopping in. This site is devoted rather exclusively to Arwen Evenstar as portrayed by the beautiful and talented Liv Tyler. Although the site is Arwen themed (hopefully I'll be able to get some more pictures and things of Liv Tyler as Arwen) the site will have a lot of Liv Tyler material, biography, lots of pictures (video caps mostly). I do plan to have some kind of fan fiction section dedicated to the elf princess. Who knows, maybe some sound bytes..we'll see. But for now, take a look around and behold the fairest elf of them all!!

Updated 4/12/02

Added One Night At McCools gallery section under Liv Tyler pics under images.

Updated 4/11/02
Added 9 Arwen images in the Random Arwen Pics section under images.
Updated appearances by Liv Tyler in the News section.

Updated 4/08/02 Sorry been on a vacation of sorts. :) Added 5 new Random Liv Tyler pics.

Updated 3/29/02
9 new pics from Amanda in the Random Liv Tyler section under images.
Updated 3/25/02
Thank you to Amanda for sending me wonderful pictures of Arwen..11 new pics in the Arwen Random Pics section. (applause)
Updated 3/24/02
Added a new Arwen pic in the Fellowship of the Rings section under Images.
Added a new Liv Tyler pic in the Random Liv Tyler Section under Images.
Updated 3/23/02
Added a Random Liv Pictures section and a Random Arwen Pictures section with a picture to go in each!